Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. We sure did! Let me tell you, we made out like bandits - heck, people we've never even met were sending us snackalicious presents, like our cousin Tootsie in Portland who sent us some awesome People Crackers and Tastee Burgers; and, one of Mom's clients, who sent us a whole bunch of home-made dog cookies, which were delicious. Mom's Secret Santa at work also gave us each our very own squeak toy. Grandma C. got us Beggin' Strips (one of our favorites), and our Aunt Bonkers gave us fantastic all-natural treats from Maxie's Mix and Blue Dog Bakery. On top of that, the big man himself, S. Claus, dropped off some Wagatha's Biscuits and Fruitables, as well as a mooey-chewy (dried cow tendon) which we love.

All in all, it was a great Christmas. The best part, even more than the snackage we scored (OK, maybe as good as the snackage) was visiting with the family. We really enjoyed seeing our grandparents again, as well as our aunts and our uncle. I really loved sitting in Aunt Joy's lap. We really hope everyone else out there had as good a Christmas as we did, and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our visit with Santa

Mimi and I got to see Santa last weekend. I got an opportunity to tell Santa what good girls we are. I also told him what we want for Christmas: beggin' strips; chicken; mooey chewies; yakkie snacks; bacon cheddar madness; etc. As you can imagine, I had a lot of things to tell him. Now all I have to do it get a bigger stocking.
Good night, good treats and may visions of milkbones biscuits dance in your head.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Doxies

Mom and dad brought that big tree into the living room again. Must mean only one thing...Christmas time! Mimi and I helped string the lights, or should I say, Mimi got tangled in lights. We were getting so carried away that we even hung lights on our cage. Looks very festive, doesn't it?
There is a new doxie on the tree this year. It's a dachshund tree topper. I mean, what is more Christmas than a dachshund?!

I bet there was even a dachshund at the manger, you know how curious we are, but was overshadowed by those big cows, donkeys and camels. But I don't believe the pictures I've seen of dachshunds pulling Santa's sleigh. Please, that's too much work!
Speaking of Santa, we are going to see him today. Yeah. I can tell him in person what good dogs Mimi and I have been this year. It's true, just ask my mom and dad. They are always calling us good girls so it must be true, right?
'Til next time, good nite and good treats.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Hallo-weenie Time!

Today, mom and dad took Mimi and I to the "Fur and Fang Halloween Party" at Paws by the Lake. Mimi and I were dressed in our new Halloween costumes...I was a turtle and Mimi was a bumble bee. The were a lot of dogs there and the costumes were really good. Everybody fawned over Mimi and she loved every minute of it. I was told that I was the saddest looking turtle ever. We watched the costume contest and made some new friends. It was a busy afternoon so now Mimi and I are taking a deserved rest. More pictures will be posted on our Facebook page, "Mimi N Patty Gibbons"

'Til next time, good night and good treats.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mighty Squirrel Hunter

Today, Mom and Dad took us to the park. Mimi and I had an awesome time. I got to chase not one, but two squirrels! I ran those little buggers right up a couple of trees, and then gave them the business! They were chattering at me to no end, giving me the what-for right back, but I held my ground and showed them who's boss. Although it is strange how their chattering kinda sounds like they're laughing.... Anyway, we ran into a few people, and of course Mimi got her attention fix - everyone loves the little white doxie! Nobody had any treats, though, so I wan't all that interested.
Well, I'm pretty well exhausted from all of my squirrel huntin', so I'm gonna go veg out on Mom's lap for a while. Maybe I'll dream I can climb trees. Until next time, goodnight and good treats!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Dead Tired Dogs

Man, we are tired right now. Just vegging out, 'cuz we had a busy day at Grandma and Grandpa's yesterday. As ususal, we ransacked the house for snacks and crumbs as soon as we got there. Then, we bugged Grandpa to take us outside. Then, we bugged Mom and Dad to take us outside. Then, we bugged everyone for treats. After that, we got to eat dinner, and I got to sit on Mom's lap and watch the birds come to the bird feeder in the back yard. That was pretty neat. The best part was, after we got home, Mom and Dad let us sleep in their bed all night. Well, here's hoping your weekend was just as good as ours! Good night, and good treats.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Mom and Dad are going down away for a couple of days. Unfortunately, where they're going, dogs aren't allowed. What's up with that? Anyway, Mimi and I are going to go on our own mini-vacation - we're heading down to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend. Awesome! Plenty of hanging out and unlimited lap-sitting. Sounds like a great plan - after all, we need a break from all that eating, sleeping and being cute. Hope you all have a great weekend. Good night and good treats!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Woofstock 2010

Well we were off to a busy day today. First, we stopped at Pet Supplies Plus to restock our favorite brand of canned dog food. When we got there, some folks were trying to get some cats adopted. Needless to say, Mimi and I were very interested and excited to make some new feline friends; unfortunately, we were not successful. There was a cage full fo kittens who really weren't nearly as interested in us as we were in them. There was also another adult cat who hissed and swiped at us from its cage. I figured I'd leave him alone; Mimi, on the other hand, took great offense for some reason, and refused to leave - she really wanted to give that cat the business.

Anyway, we finally got out of Pet Supplies, and headed off to the main attraction of the day: Woofstock 2010 at the Grateful Dog in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Lots of vendors and events, and plenty of treats to go around. Mom and Dad entered me in a Weiner Dog race - it was kinda hot, so I didn't really run that hard, but at least I finished. It helped that Mom had some jerky to "motivate" me. Of course, Mimi was a hit as usual - people would actualy gather around just to see her and pet her. She's such a little attention hound! Not that I'm complaining - total strangers give us treats for no apparent reason, so if Mimi wants to be a media darling, so much the better for me and my tummy!
Speaking of treats, we even got a goodie bag just for coming. Lots of good stuff to munch on, like homemade pumpkin biscotti. Mom wouldn't let us hold on to the bag on the ride home, though - I don't know why she doesn't trust us.
We were pretty wiped out by all the fun and excitement we had today, so we've pretty much just been vegging since we got home. I'm so tired, I'm barely able to watch my Mom and Dad write this blog - somehow, I'll manage. Speaking of which, I think I hear Mimi snoring. Sounds like an invitiation to join her, so I think I'll sign off for now. Good night, and good treats!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday is funday

Mom and dad took Mimi and I to the Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville. We love that place. Lots of goodies to smell and other dogs to meet. I was so excited to go, I couldn't sit still in the car. When we got into the store, I immediately went behind the counter (the gate was open so I figured they wanted me there) and was looking for treats. The nice ladies there always give Mimi and I treats. I did finally get my treat, even though mom took me from behind the counter. Hey, I was just checking to make sure all was in order. (Yeah, mom didn't believe that either)

Mom bought us these Himalayan dog chews. Mom calls them "Yakkie snacks" because they are hardened yak's milk. Mimi and I love to chew on them for hours, even days. We even take turns stealing them from each other. Mom also got some of the bakery's home made goodies: liver biscotti, carob biscotti, pumpkin spice biscotti, and peanut butter bones. Just thinking about all that is making me hungry!

After all that hard work shopping and getting treats, we worked up quite an appetite. Dad took a video of us while Mom made our dinner. You can see Mimi doing her usual "dinner dance", barking like crazy just to remind Mom to make dinner for both of us (and also to tell Mom to hurry up!)

All the excitement of the day has worn me out, time for a nap. Good nite, and good treats.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic

We had a great time at the 13th Annual NEOD Picnic today at Plum Creek Park in Kent, Ohio. The weather was better than the last couple of years - not quite as hot or humid, and no massive thunderstorms. We got a whole lot of sniffs, and made a bunch of new friends. We also saw our cousin Winston again. He was kinda busy protecting his turf. A lot of people were, of course, interested in Mimi - she's pretty unique even at doxie events. There were only about three other d-hunds like her at the picnic. In fact, the Akron Beacon Journal even interviewed Mom and Dad about her (she is the diva dog, after all). It's OK - I'm not interested in the puparazzi, I'm just looking for a treat. Speaking of which, nobody would give in to my demands for a munchie - seems like dachshund people have developed an immunity to our mind control.

It seems like this year's picnic had a lot more people and dachshunds than the last couple of years. Maybe the weather, maybe the advertising, maybe both, helped out with that. In any event, we think it was a total success, and give it two paws up.

Well, that's all for this wiped-out weiner dog. Mimi and I are exhausted after such a busy day, and are gonna sleep good for the next couple of days. So until we sniff again, this is Patty wishing you good night, and good treats.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Countdown to Weinerpalooza

O boy, we can't wait - the Doxie Picnic in Kent, Ohio will be going on tomorrow. Mimi and I are really looking forward to it. Scores of doxies of all colors, sizes, and fur-lengths - it just doesn't get any better than that! Kinda like going to Dachsieworld. We'll be sure to give everyone the lowdown on the lowrider lollapalooza when we get home. Good night, and good treats!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cancer Walk

Dad took Mimi and I to the park today for the Bark for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We had a great time - lots of people and dogs to meet and sniff, plus some great weather. Here's a pic of me lounging and looking spiffy in the Bark for Life bandanna I got for participating (Mimi got one too). There was a 1 mile walk, but we didn't do that - it would have been too hard for Mimi to do (plus our little legs probably wouldn't have gotten us very far). Needless to say, Mimi had a ball being the diva dog and getting tons of attention. Hey, everybody loves a weiner dog. I kept a lookout for some treats - unfortunately, nobody was coughing up the goods. However, everybody complimented us on our coloring - I guess we're pretty unique. Dad explained what dapple and double dapple meant, and how it affects sight and hearing, like Mimi. All in all, we were really glad we could help out a good cause with some great dogs and their awesome owners. We really look forward to going again next year. Well, we're going to go rest and recuperate from our busy day. This is Patty signing off, wishing you good night and good treats.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Just a quick note to wish all dads a Happy Father' Day! We got our dad a card, with help from mom of course. Here we are spending the day with dad...we are laying in the sun watching dad while he plays his video games. Everyone enjoyed the day. Until next time, good night and good treats!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

First, a word of thanks to all those serving and those that have served, on Memorial Day.
Mom and dad were off of work today so Mimi and I got to spend the whole day with them. As a treat, they took us to the park. I love to run around and smell everything, and I especially liked chasing a couple of squirrels up trees! It was warm out today so I got tired pretty quickly, but Mimi was bouncing around (it's amazing to see her roam around, even though she doesn't know the area). Mimi and I slept on the trip back home. Hey, were are older girls, we're not as active as we used to be. All in all, it was a good day, but then everyday is a holiday when you're a dog. This is Patty, saying good night and good treats.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tops in Toledo

Patty here. What a day we had! Mom, dad, Mimi and I went to Toledo to the National Dachshund races. We weren't there to race, we were there to visit other dachshunds and root on our cousin, Winston.
Winston ran in the puppy division and won his race. Yea, cuz!
Mimi and I were enjoying all the attention we were getting there. Everyone loved my dapple coloring and, of course, Mimi's colors. Even at a dachshund event, a white dachshund is unusual.
I was enjoying being in mom's lap and resting while those other dogs did all the running; that is, until the senior division came up. There was only one racer in the senior division, and the organizer was asking for more "volunteers." My mom got the bright idea to enter me! So there I was at the starting gate with a 5 year old long hair on my right and a 10 year old long hair on my left. (with these odds, I was bound to get a ribbon) My dad was at the finish line holding Mimi and a favorite treat of mine. The gates opened, I stood there a bit confused, everyone was yelling, then I saw my dad with my treat and ran towards him. I came in second after the 5 year old (that's a senior dog?), and I got a red ribbon. Then they had another race between me and the 5 year old for the "top senior" dog. Again, dad was waving my treat at the finish line. This time I ran right out of the gate towards him and passed the other dog to win!!!
The organizer of the event asked my mom to speak about owning a disabled dog. Mom told the crowd that just because a dog is disabled in some way doesn't mean that they can't enjoy a wonderful life. Mom encouraged everyone to adopt a dog with disabilities. Mimi was up on stage with my mom and loving every minute of the attention. A reporter from the Toledo Blade even interviewed mom and dad about the two of us (we are now media darlings).

I'm home now, basking in my athletic glory, as you can see. As for Mimi, she's dreaming of the limelight and the hordes of pupparazzi that will be knocking on the door any time now. So until next time, this is Patty signing off. Good night, and good treats!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

It's Patty again, finally recovered from Sunday's activities to update everyone. Mimi and I got mom a Snoopy card for Mother's Day. (hey, we maybe dachshunds but we love that beagle) She liked it very much, she also knew that dad helped in getting the card. It's so hard to shop when you don't have pockets,...or money,...or thumbs.

Mimi and I spent the day at Grandma & Grandpa's. We really like it there, there are more critters to sniff around their house. My favorite thing to do there is sit in Grandma's lap. That is where I spend most of my time. Mimi does get jealous and comes over to Grandma but her lap isn't big enough for both of us so I win. I'm not competitive with my sister at all :) Grandma does pet Mimi when she comes over but Mimi's favorite thing to do there is look for treat crumbs...and she's really good at it. Any little crumb that their dog leaves, Mimi finds it. Mom and dad should have named her Hoover.
Mimi and I were exhausted when we returned home. We sleep the entire way home and most of the next day. Well, I guess we not puppies anymore.
So now it's back to the normal routine. Until next time, this is Patty, your roving rover, signing off.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, it was two years ago yesterday that we got adopted, plus it was Mimi's 9th birthday (although she doesn't look a day over 3). Mom says we're going to the Grateful Dog to celebrate this weekend. Can't wait!

Don't have any pics of when we were young, but Mom & Dad say this is probably what Mimi & I looked like when we were puppies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi, Patty here. Just wanted to say hi, since we haven't posted anything in a bit. We're glad winter's over, 'cuz it's too hard to pee in the snow when you're an inch off the ground. However, I wish we'd get more sun for some serious tummy-warming sessions. Mimi's been getting some allergies lately - having a stuffed-up sniffer is not a good thing, since that's her GPS. Some days, it's been tough for her to get around outside first thing in the morning. It usually clears up as the day goes on, though. Also, we're really glad baseball season has started - well, I am, anyways, 'cause I'm a Yankees fan (Mimi roots for the Indians, so she's not as excited as me). Well, that about covers it for now. Later!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, everyone, and here's hoping the Easter Beagle brings you tons of treats!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey, what gives?! I go to the vet on Monday for 1 stinky tooth removal, and they take out 3! That's not fair. I got nada for breakfast that day, and the crummy tooth fairy didn't even cough up any treats. Cheapskate! I'm tellin' ya, I wuz robbed! But the pain meds were pretty good.... Anyhoo, I'm feeling fine now, inhaling my kibble as usual. Mimi's also doing OK, although she's been a little under the weather recently - it might be allergies, so Mom & Dad have her on Benadryl (per the doctor's orders, of course). Well, gotta run - I have some napping to do. This is your roving rover, Patty, signing off.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surviving the vet

Greetings, it's Patty. I thought we were going to the vet last night for Mimi for her follow up. Turns out it was for me too! They poked me with needles and put some stuff up my nose. They say it's good for me...blah! The doctor said I have a loose tooth which has to come out. Now I've already lost 19 teeth, can't they leave some in. So Monday I go the clinic and will have the tooth removed and the remaining ones cleaned.
Mimi got her shots too and after her check up, doctor said Mimi is doing real well. As far as the cancerous tumor is concerned, there doesn't seem to be a need for treatment now so Mimi will keep doing what Mimi does best...being happy.
Although it snow yesterday in Northeast Ohio, Mimi and I are enjoying sleeping in the sun, so worn out after surviving the vet last night.

Monday, March 22, 2010

No News Is Good News

Hi there, Patty here. So far, Mom and Dad haven't heard anything from the vet about Mimi's cancer. Mimi's been doing fine, rolling around and being cute as always (in other words, showing me up as usual). We're really excited about spring being here - verrrry tired of pooping and peeing in the snow, considering we're 3/4 of an inch off the ground. It's been great being able to sniff around, check
p-mail and see what the other dogs in the neighborhood are up to. Also, the birds are back, so now I can chase them down too. Of course, we'll still bury ourselves in the blankets and, as you can see from the photo, we love to snuggle on the big bed. Well, gonna go catch some Zs, probably on Mom's lap on the couch, so have a good one!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mimi post-surgery

Mimi had the growth removed last week - Mom and Dad say the surgery went fine. She stayed at the clinic overnite after the surgery, and she was kinda tired the first day back. Since then, she's been doing fine, and back to her usual routine of being the happy & cute one. I heard Mom & Dad say the tumor was cancerous, but they haven't heard anyhting back from the doc about whether it spread or not. Mimi's tests before the surgery were good, and there wasn't any sign of cancer in her blood work or x-rays, so we're all still hoping everything's good. We'll keep you posted...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good news! Mimi had surgery yesterday, and it was a success. Mom says the vet removed the mass with no problem, and Mimi will be home this afternoon. I was kinda lonely while Mom was at the vet yesterday. Don't tell anyone, but I really missed my sister. I'm just glad she's doing OK, and I can't wait until she gets home.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Well, Mimi's going in for surgery today to remove the growth she has. So far, the x-rays, needle biopsy and blood tests don't indicate cancer, but the vet will send the mass out for a full biopsy. We're all hoping little M-Dog will be OK. We'll post the results later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The great tissue massacre

The last few days Mimi and I have been playing nurses to mom. She has been sick and we have been keeping her company and sleeping in the big bed with her while dad is at work. Today we were all snuggled in the covers dozing off when Mimi decided she wanted off the bed. Mom put her on the floor and Mimi took off down the hall. Mom and I fell asleep. Mom woke up a few hours later and found Mimi in the midst of a tissue crime scene, involving a trail of tissues that stretched around the bed. Seems my sister got into the garbage can by the side of the bed, pulled out the tissues and showed them who's boss. (She LOVES to do so on a regular basis) Mom asked Mimi what she was doing and Mimi did her trademark "stop, drop, and roll" diversion technique. Mom laughed, I watched from the comfort of the bed and Mimi got her tummy rubbed, so everyone (except the tissues) won out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mimi's trip to the vet

Yesterday mom and dad took Mimi (pictured left) and I (Patty) to the vet. I really like going to the vet because I get lots of treats. However, I don't like getting my temperature taken, if you catch my drift. This trip was not for me, though. Seems Mimi has a tumor next to her anal gland. I heard the vet tell my parents that it could be nothing or it could be cancer. The vet took Mimi out of the room and took x-rays and drew blood for testing. I waited patiently for my sister to return to the room and hoped the vet was not giving her extra treats. The vet showed my parents the x-rays, saying everything looked fine. If you ask me, that wasn't a very good picture of Mimi. She looked kind of bony. The vet called today with the blood test results and they were normal. So my sister is going to have surgery March 1 to remove that tumor. Although I will miss Mimi when she's at the animal hospital, I know that they will take good care of her. They better not give her extra treats!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just getting started...

Well, we're kinda new to this blogging thing, but we have so much fun reading about Baxter's adventures and the latest news from The Long and the Short that we decided to give it a try. We're Mimi and Patty, two tweener doxies from Ohio. I'm Patty, a red dapple who just turned 8 years old. My sister is Mimi, a double-dapple, who'll be turning 9 in a couple of months. (She was born blind, so I do all the typing, and she does all the editing). We were adopted in 2008 as rescue dogs, and we've been given a pretty good home (although I'll deny it if asked). We figured we'd post our various comings and goings to the Web for anyone to enjoy. Our Mom and Dad will probably be part-time roving reporters too. Once we've figured out how to work the camera, we'll start posting pics and videos so you can see us in action (or inaction).