Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Doxies

Mom and dad brought that big tree into the living room again. Must mean only one thing...Christmas time! Mimi and I helped string the lights, or should I say, Mimi got tangled in lights. We were getting so carried away that we even hung lights on our cage. Looks very festive, doesn't it?
There is a new doxie on the tree this year. It's a dachshund tree topper. I mean, what is more Christmas than a dachshund?!

I bet there was even a dachshund at the manger, you know how curious we are, but was overshadowed by those big cows, donkeys and camels. But I don't believe the pictures I've seen of dachshunds pulling Santa's sleigh. Please, that's too much work!
Speaking of Santa, we are going to see him today. Yeah. I can tell him in person what good dogs Mimi and I have been this year. It's true, just ask my mom and dad. They are always calling us good girls so it must be true, right?
'Til next time, good nite and good treats.

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