Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi, Patty here. Just wanted to say hi, since we haven't posted anything in a bit. We're glad winter's over, 'cuz it's too hard to pee in the snow when you're an inch off the ground. However, I wish we'd get more sun for some serious tummy-warming sessions. Mimi's been getting some allergies lately - having a stuffed-up sniffer is not a good thing, since that's her GPS. Some days, it's been tough for her to get around outside first thing in the morning. It usually clears up as the day goes on, though. Also, we're really glad baseball season has started - well, I am, anyways, 'cause I'm a Yankees fan (Mimi roots for the Indians, so she's not as excited as me). Well, that about covers it for now. Later!


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