Thursday, February 25, 2010

The great tissue massacre

The last few days Mimi and I have been playing nurses to mom. She has been sick and we have been keeping her company and sleeping in the big bed with her while dad is at work. Today we were all snuggled in the covers dozing off when Mimi decided she wanted off the bed. Mom put her on the floor and Mimi took off down the hall. Mom and I fell asleep. Mom woke up a few hours later and found Mimi in the midst of a tissue crime scene, involving a trail of tissues that stretched around the bed. Seems my sister got into the garbage can by the side of the bed, pulled out the tissues and showed them who's boss. (She LOVES to do so on a regular basis) Mom asked Mimi what she was doing and Mimi did her trademark "stop, drop, and roll" diversion technique. Mom laughed, I watched from the comfort of the bed and Mimi got her tummy rubbed, so everyone (except the tissues) won out.


  1. The crazy things dogs do! Mom must be feeling better if she took time to take a picture and write about your antics. Good job at making her smile. That was your plan all the long!

  2. oooh naughty girl! my granduncle kep used to knock trash cans over for that tasty treat!