Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey, what gives?! I go to the vet on Monday for 1 stinky tooth removal, and they take out 3! That's not fair. I got nada for breakfast that day, and the crummy tooth fairy didn't even cough up any treats. Cheapskate! I'm tellin' ya, I wuz robbed! But the pain meds were pretty good.... Anyhoo, I'm feeling fine now, inhaling my kibble as usual. Mimi's also doing OK, although she's been a little under the weather recently - it might be allergies, so Mom & Dad have her on Benadryl (per the doctor's orders, of course). Well, gotta run - I have some napping to do. This is your roving rover, Patty, signing off.


  1. aw, at least u don't have any more teeth problems to worry about!


  2. Hope you're both feeling better. The toofer fairy is over rated. It's Santa that brings the good stuff. My two Dox's agree. :) Xo