Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Fun Sunday

Hello again. First let me update you on my surgery. The lump that the doc removed was not cancer. Yeah! My hair is growing back and you can barely see the incision anymore.
Mimi and I were invited to a birthday party for our canine cousin Shelby. She turned one on Sunday. Mom and dad took us to the pet store to buy some goodies, little did we know that treat were not for US, but for Shelby. When we got to Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Tim's, Mimi and I investigated the whole house. You never know when a treat will be lying around. Shelby got lots of presents but she wasn't opening them fast enough so Mimi and I had to help her. Since we were so helpful, Aunt Jeanette gave us some goodies. We not only unwapped one present, we opened the bag of goodies themselves.Why waste time, right? Mimi and I got lots of treats and even some of Shelby's special birthday cake and ice cream. Mom would only let us have a small piece of cake and a little ice cream. She said something about Mimi and I waddling out of the house. Whatever that means. We had such a good time at Shelby's party, we passed out the rest of the evening. So that was our very fun Sunday.
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving...Mimi and I are in store for some turkey this week! Until next time.
Good nite and good treats. P-dog