Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bark for Life

Greetings all and happy Sunday. Today was the Bark for Life in Avon Lake. It was a special day because Mimi is a cancer survivor and a guest of honor. She even got a special shirt made for the occasion. It reads "Fight like a girl."
Another cancer survivor, Pumpkin, was the grand marshal and decked out accordingly. I wanted to leave the path and run through the woods but dad wouldn't let me. And Mimi wanted to wander around and eat grass.
So mom carried Mimi a little ways down the path and we came back. We received some wonderful goodie bags and have already dived into them. We were so tired when we got home that I passed out in mom's lap on the recliner and Mimi went to sleep in the snoozie. Ah, the life of a dachshund! Well, back to my nap. Until next time, good nite and good treats. P-dog

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Updates: long time coming

Hello all. Remember us? It's been crazy and thanks to a computer meltdown, could not blog. On Mimi's last visit to the vet, her tumor had NOT returned and her kidney disease was stable. Mimi continues to feel good, thanks to a change in food and supplements. We had a wonderful vacation at Paws by the Lake in June. The people there are so nice and give us many, many treats. Today was the 15th Annual Dachshund picnic in Kent, Oh. We were really looking forward to this. We missed last year and with Mimi's chemo therapy last year, we didn't know if she'd be around this year. She is and we had a wonderful time. As usual, Mimi was the star attraction. But many people were noticing me too. People took lots of pictures of us, which we love. Mimi got a new Hug-a-Dog harness, it's pink camouflage. Very nice! .
We sniffed and met so many doxie friends. I was so very tired when we left that dad had to carry me back to the car. (I know, poor me) Now the picnic was fun enough, but then mom and dad took us to Bow Wow Beach. It was great.
Mimi walked on the beach sniffing everything and meeting other dogs. She stepped into the water, but it wasn't her thing. I don't swim, BUT I was chasing a whippet, yes a whippet, and ran into the lake. I CAN SWIM! Mom panicked, but I came right back in. I even went in two more times.
Mimi and I really had fun today. We are both exhausted, so after a bath from mom, we are going to burrow under covers and sleep. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer. Good nite and good treats. P-dog

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's National Dog Biscuit Day!

Our favorite day of the year...National Dog Biscuit Day!
Mom took Mimi and I to Pet People in Rocky River for some yummy biscuits. We just love it there. The nice people there always give us treats and in honor of National Biscuit Day, they were giving away dog biscuits.
Then we took a drive out to Vermillon and stopped at Paws & Pancakes Dog Bakery for more treats. We've never been there before and boy did it smell good in there. They bake some great treats. Mom bought us some bacon cheddar biscuits, doggie bark, salmon treats, banana and peanut butter goodies.
We had a wonderful outing with mom today, now it's time to nap.
Good nite and lots of good treats.