Friday, March 26, 2010

Surviving the vet

Greetings, it's Patty. I thought we were going to the vet last night for Mimi for her follow up. Turns out it was for me too! They poked me with needles and put some stuff up my nose. They say it's good for me...blah! The doctor said I have a loose tooth which has to come out. Now I've already lost 19 teeth, can't they leave some in. So Monday I go the clinic and will have the tooth removed and the remaining ones cleaned.
Mimi got her shots too and after her check up, doctor said Mimi is doing real well. As far as the cancerous tumor is concerned, there doesn't seem to be a need for treatment now so Mimi will keep doing what Mimi does best...being happy.
Although it snow yesterday in Northeast Ohio, Mimi and I are enjoying sleeping in the sun, so worn out after surviving the vet last night.

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  1. nineteen teeth! oh my do u have any left?? ;) so glad u are resting up after your visit.