Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mimi's trip to the vet

Yesterday mom and dad took Mimi (pictured left) and I (Patty) to the vet. I really like going to the vet because I get lots of treats. However, I don't like getting my temperature taken, if you catch my drift. This trip was not for me, though. Seems Mimi has a tumor next to her anal gland. I heard the vet tell my parents that it could be nothing or it could be cancer. The vet took Mimi out of the room and took x-rays and drew blood for testing. I waited patiently for my sister to return to the room and hoped the vet was not giving her extra treats. The vet showed my parents the x-rays, saying everything looked fine. If you ask me, that wasn't a very good picture of Mimi. She looked kind of bony. The vet called today with the blood test results and they were normal. So my sister is going to have surgery March 1 to remove that tumor. Although I will miss Mimi when she's at the animal hospital, I know that they will take good care of her. They better not give her extra treats!

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