Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mimi's first chemo treatment

What a day! Mimi and I are both exhausted but for different reasons. I went to doggie daycare where mom works. Lots of very energetic dogs, and although I don't play, I never sat still. Except for the few times the ladies carried me around the room. Everytime I heard my mom's voice I barked to tell her I wanted her but she must not have heard me. I mean, she wouldn't ignore me right? I did have lunch with mom, she shared her banana and yogurt with me and Aunt Robbin shared her apple.
Mimi's day wasn't quite as fun as mine. Mom dropped her off at the vet's this morning for her first chemo treatment. The vet gave her a sedative so she would relax and be still for the IV treatment. The vet said she did fine and Mimi was very happy to hear mom, so much so she cried and wagged her tail. Mimi was acting funny when mom brought her home, mom said she was still sedated. She must be feeling better now because she barked at the pizza delivery guy and polished off some boiled chicken for dinner. (Hey, I didn't get any chicken)
Mimi looked funny when she returned home, both her front legs where yellow with green hearts on them. Weird! Mom removed whatever those were before Mimi had a chance to chew them off. Her next chemo treatment is in three weeks. I guess that means more doggie daycare for me!
Time to curl up with Mimi and nap.
Good night and good treats.


  1. aw, glad that u are home now. it's always the best place,isn't it? :) b

  2. Patty so glad to hear Mimi made it through the day OK. You are a good friend to her. I hope your Mom has some chicken for you next time she makes it.