Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our trip to see the vet

Yesterday Mimi and I went to see the vet for our yearly check-up. We love going to the vet. We get treats from the receptionists when we come in, more from the vet in the exam room, more from the receptionist in the exam room and yet more from the receptionist when we leave. What's not to love?! We got some good news, and some bad news from the vet. Good news is that I don't need a dental cleaning this year...that means I won't loose any teeth this year. Yeah, I want to hang on to the few I have. The bad news is that Mimi's cancerous tumor has returned. She had an anal gland carcinoma removed last March but it seems another tumor has grown in its place. This one doesn't seem as large as the last one and this one will be removed as well. They are running blood work on Mimi and we'll know more on Tuesday. Please keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers. She has wonderful doctors and we hope she comes through this as well as the last time. But right now we are both happy and content to sleep the day away, being buried underneath the blankets. Until next time, good night and good treats. P-dog

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