Monday, April 18, 2011

Mimi's next step

Mimi went to see the vet on Saturday so mom and dad could discuss chemo therapy for Mimi. I went along for moral support...and the treats. First the vet checked Mimi's incision because she got all her stitches out (no wonder she was so restless in the cage). Next, he put 3 staples on Mimi's incision and believe it or not, Mimi got all those out too!
Mom and dad decided to try chemo therapy for Mimi and it starts tomorrow. I guess Mimi will be gone all day, and mom said I will be going to Paws by the Lake with her. That should be fun for me, but not so much for Mimi.
We all have our paws and fingers crossed that this works for Mimi and that she doesn't get too sick from it. I love my sister and want her to be well.

For now we are both resting, as usual.
More updates to follow.
Good night and good treats.

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