Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mimi's 3rd chemo treatment

Hello all. On Friday, our newfoundland neighbor below us gave Mimi and I a ride in her cart. Her name is Chili and she's just a tad bit bigger than us, but she a sweetie and we like her and her mom.
Saturday Mimi and I went to the vet so Mimi could have an echocardiogram on her heart. They wanted to make sure her heart was in good shape for the next round of chemo. The doctor said her heart was good, but it looked really strange on the screen to me. Yesterday was Mimi's third chemo treatment. Mom dropped Mimi off at the vet's and I went to daycare with mom again. It's not my favorite place but it beats being home alone. Aunt Robbin trimmed my nails and mom gave me a bath. (I was too clean so today I had to roll on the grass three times to smell good again) The vet said Mimi's chemo went well and she was lively and wagging when mom picked her up in the evening. I was happy to see her, but even happier to be home. Mimi felt good all evening and even this morning. Yeah. Her next chemo is in three weeks. 3 down, 3 to go.
That's all the exciting news from here. Good night and good treats.

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  1. Prayers, rayz and lots of loves for Mimi and for you too Patty. Keep her spirits up!