Monday, July 11, 2011

Back From Vacation

Well, we just got back from vacation. Mom & Dad were gone for a few days, so we stayed at our own resort, Paws by the Lake. We let Mom & Dad think we missed them (and we did), but in reality, it was dog heaven. We brought our bed & our Snoozy with us, as well as our blankets. We were kinda bummed that we missed out on the Dachshund Picnic in Kent, but we will definitely go again next year. We got a ton of attention, and scored mucho treats. We weren't thrilled about getting a bath before we went home yesterday, but such is the price of being spoiled. While it was really nice to be away for a little bit, we really did miss being home with Mom & Dad. The good news is that Dad's off today, so we got to spend quality sleeping time with him all day.
That pretty much wraps up our weekend. We hope yours was just as good. So until next time, good night and good treats!

Patty Dog

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