Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bark for Life

Greetings all and happy Sunday. Today was the Bark for Life in Avon Lake. It was a special day because Mimi is a cancer survivor and a guest of honor. She even got a special shirt made for the occasion. It reads "Fight like a girl."
Another cancer survivor, Pumpkin, was the grand marshal and decked out accordingly. I wanted to leave the path and run through the woods but dad wouldn't let me. And Mimi wanted to wander around and eat grass.
So mom carried Mimi a little ways down the path and we came back. We received some wonderful goodie bags and have already dived into them. We were so tired when we got home that I passed out in mom's lap on the recliner and Mimi went to sleep in the snoozie. Ah, the life of a dachshund! Well, back to my nap. Until next time, good nite and good treats. P-dog


  1. We LOVE to hear the word SURVIVOR! Isn't that just the bestest word ever...

    Lily Belle

  2. Your blog is amazing! Thanks you so much for your creative inspirations and thank you for sharing.