Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's National Dog Biscuit Day!

Our favorite day of the year...National Dog Biscuit Day!
Mom took Mimi and I to Pet People in Rocky River for some yummy biscuits. We just love it there. The nice people there always give us treats and in honor of National Biscuit Day, they were giving away dog biscuits.
Then we took a drive out to Vermillon and stopped at Paws & Pancakes Dog Bakery for more treats. We've never been there before and boy did it smell good in there. They bake some great treats. Mom bought us some bacon cheddar biscuits, doggie bark, salmon treats, banana and peanut butter goodies.
We had a wonderful outing with mom today, now it's time to nap.
Good nite and lots of good treats.

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  1. May, 2012
    Hey, where did you two go? Hope that everything is OK.

    Lily Belle