Thursday, October 27, 2011

Patty-the Frankenweenie

What is this? No, it's not my Halloween costume as Frankenstein. It's the incision on the back of my neck from yesterday's surgery. Feel sorry for me yet?
My tale of woe...
I got NO breakfast yesterday so I was understandably upset. Then mom takes me to the vet where they poked me, cut into my skin, and polished my teeth. Once I woke up, I saw mom at the clinic and she ignored me! I bet Mimi had a much better day being with mom at Paws by the Lake. Finally at 6pm mom came and got me. She bought me a shirt to wear so I don't scratch at my sutures. Things started to look up when mom gaven me, and Mimi, chicken for dinner. Very yummy! I spent the rest of the evening laying with the parent that DIDN'T torture me, my dad.
Today I slept in my nice, warm cage, and I got chicken for dinner again tonight. Okay, maybe things aren't so bad. Good nite and good treats.

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