Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mighty Squirrel Hunter

Today, Mom and Dad took us to the park. Mimi and I had an awesome time. I got to chase not one, but two squirrels! I ran those little buggers right up a couple of trees, and then gave them the business! They were chattering at me to no end, giving me the what-for right back, but I held my ground and showed them who's boss. Although it is strange how their chattering kinda sounds like they're laughing.... Anyway, we ran into a few people, and of course Mimi got her attention fix - everyone loves the little white doxie! Nobody had any treats, though, so I wan't all that interested.
Well, I'm pretty well exhausted from all of my squirrel huntin', so I'm gonna go veg out on Mom's lap for a while. Maybe I'll dream I can climb trees. Until next time, goodnight and good treats!


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