Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday is funday

Mom and dad took Mimi and I to the Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville. We love that place. Lots of goodies to smell and other dogs to meet. I was so excited to go, I couldn't sit still in the car. When we got into the store, I immediately went behind the counter (the gate was open so I figured they wanted me there) and was looking for treats. The nice ladies there always give Mimi and I treats. I did finally get my treat, even though mom took me from behind the counter. Hey, I was just checking to make sure all was in order. (Yeah, mom didn't believe that either)

Mom bought us these Himalayan dog chews. Mom calls them "Yakkie snacks" because they are hardened yak's milk. Mimi and I love to chew on them for hours, even days. We even take turns stealing them from each other. Mom also got some of the bakery's home made goodies: liver biscotti, carob biscotti, pumpkin spice biscotti, and peanut butter bones. Just thinking about all that is making me hungry!

After all that hard work shopping and getting treats, we worked up quite an appetite. Dad took a video of us while Mom made our dinner. You can see Mimi doing her usual "dinner dance", barking like crazy just to remind Mom to make dinner for both of us (and also to tell Mom to hurry up!)

All the excitement of the day has worn me out, time for a nap. Good nite, and good treats.


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  1. Hi,

    I love your Blog. It was so good to see pictures of the girls again. Hopefully we will run into you one of these days and I can say hi to the girls. Thanks for giving them such a great home. Maryann